Parents & Friends Association

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Parents & Friends Association

All Saints' College has an active and enthusiastic Parents and Friends Association (P&F). All parents/guardians of students are automatically members of the P&F and we invite you to be an active participant. 

The primary objectives of the P&F are to fun and friend-raise. The P&F achieves this by: 

  • Contributing to the wellbeing of the School community  students, parents and staff, 
  • Encouraging the participation of all parents/guardians in the life of their School and in the education of their children, and  
  • Operating democratically and inclusively, providing opportunities for parents/guardians to develop links within the school community. 

St Peter’s Campus 

The primary focus of the P&F association is to provide an opportunity for parents to contribute valuable input in the direction for St Peter’s and to stay informed of developments around the school. The P&F at St Peter's is not a fundraising group, instead they have elected to place a $30 levy on school fees to replace fundraising.  

The P&F team meet on the third Tuesday of the month during term time in the school library at 7pm. 

President: Suzanne Swain 
Vice President: Peter Pala 
Secretary: Keirsty Hatch 
Treasurer: Kris Kaminski 
Federation Rep: Keirsty Hatch 

We look forward to working with these parents as your representatives in 2018. 

St Mary’s Campus  

The P&F is our key parent forum and provides a critical input from the parent body to the school executive. It is also an important point of communication regarding school developments. Meetings are advertised in the newsletter and all parents are invited to attend.  

The P&F work diligently as they endeavour to make the relationship between the school, students and parents more active and relevant by providing parents with a voice and affording them an opportunity to deliver feedback from a parental perspective. The ongoing agenda at these meetings includes, but is not limited to activities such as: 

  • Affirming, supporting and validating ideas, policies and initiatives 
  • Being a critical friend for testing and expanding upon new ideas 
  • Providing feedback of effectiveness and impact of school initiatives and programs 
  • Providing a "voice" for parents to make suggestions, directly express views, share experiences and expectations. 

The P&F team meet on the first Tuesday of each month during term in the school's Café Sabina at 7pm. 

President: Louise Wightman 
Vice President: Linda Skinner 
Secretary: Alan Hales 
Treasurer: Amanda Percival 

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