Pastoral Programs

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Pastoral Programs

Pastoral programs offered within the College respond to the many needs of students in our care from Stage 4 through to Stage 6.  Examples of such programs include: Elevate Education, Rock and Water, Peer Support, Girl Talk, Boys Groups, BBQ Crew and Seasons for Growth. 

Transition from Year 6-7 

Students are supported in their transition to high school in a number of ways. When students commence at All Saints' College, they are supported by the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. The Peer Support Leaders work in pairs with small groups of Year 7 students and work through a program designed to ease the transition to high school during Term 1. Other aspects of the transition program include a Year 6 Orientation Day, Welcome BBQ for families and a Year 7 Outdoor Recreation Camp early in Term 1, all of which assist students to settle into high school. 

Community Days  

Each year, students are involved in community days designed to meet the needs of the particular cohort.  These community days are based around the themes of getting along, persistence, confidence and resilience. Where possible, guest presenters are utilised on this day to work with the students. These include Brainstorm productions, School Police Liaison Officers, Beyond Blue, Karis Ministries, Marist Ministries, Elevate Education and other relevant programs. 

School Counsellors 

Students may make an appointment to see the School Counsellor, a qualified educational psychologist, by approaching their Tutor Group Teacher, Student Coordinator or Assistant Principal (Wellbeing). The Counsellor is able to deal with a wide range of problems from academic difficulties to personal and family issues.  

Service To The Community (STOC) 

St Mary’s, through its Service to our Community (STOC) program, offers students opportunities to actively assist those in need within our local community. Students are encouraged to identify a community, educational or charitable institution to assist and organise their own program of volunteer work. As such, community service will continue to be an important component of school life at St Mary’s Campus.  

Feast Day Celebrations 

The College celebrates the following feast days:  

  • Patron Saints of St Mary's: Dominic de Guzman and St Catherine of Siena.  
  • Patron Saints of St Peter's: St Peter and St Marcellin Champagnat. 
  • All Saints Day is also celebrated within the College. These feast days are recognised through liturgy and community celebrations. 

Transition to Senior Campus 

Students not attending St Peter's Campus may also enrol for Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6) at St Mary's Campus. Application forms are available by contacting the Office Manager, Judy Wall, at or 49336177. Enrolments are welcome for both Year 11 and Year 12. 

Years 11 and 12 offer new, exciting and challenging opportunities for students to bring their secondary education to an inspiring conclusion, building on what they have learned and achieved in Years 7 to 10. 

At All Saints' College, we have a culture of learning where we value education, in all its forms, and expect students to strive for excellence in all aspects. To achieve the best academic outcomes each student requires a commitment: 

  • To study 
  • To the completion of all work tasks 
  • To learning 
  • To following the guidelines and regulations set by the NESA and by the school 
  • To co-curricular participation 

This culture of learning at St Mary’s Campus is not only achieved in a different environment, but features a different mode of delivery. The Flexible Curriculum Model provides a unique opportunity for students to make decisions on how to best facilitate their learning on the middle day of the week. This model challenges all students at All Saints' College to develop organisational skills, good management skills and a desire to achieve according to their own ability. It is a day where students are in the driver’s seat and it is them who decides which road to go down. It is a day of taking full responsibility for what is to happen.   

Every student deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her personal best. Commitment to the life of the College and joining leadership action groups are also important at this stage of schooling. Active participation in the religious, social, cultural and sporting aspects are also significant aspects of a good, well-rounded and fulfilling educational experience. St Mary’s staff will encourage students to accept advice from a wide range of sources and promise the support of the College in bringing dreams and aspirations to fulfilment.   

The final chapters and pages of any book are always the most exciting. This is when the story is coming to a climax and all the preparation in the earlier chapters is going to lead to a conclusion. So it is with school.  All the earlier years have been useful for preparing students for the final chapters in their secondary education cycle. The All Saints' College Transition Program focuses on this most exciting stage, preparing parents and students to tackle the Stage 6 education with enthusiasm and energy. The Transition Program outlines what is in these final chapters and how students will get the most out of what is being presented. To get to the end successfully, students need to be well planned, revising background information which has been presented over the years and taking full responsibility for what will happen in Years 11 & 12. 

Transition Calendar 

April: Executive meets with Year 10 students at St Peter's Campus 

May: Welcome Information Evening 
         Interviews for new families commencing at All Saints' College 

June: Curriculum Information Evenings 
          Orientation Days  

November/December: Sample lessons and Individual Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 

Road Safety Education Program (RYDA) 

Year 11 students at St Mary's Campus attend the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program, developed by Road Safety Education (RSE) and run by the Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah.  

As stated on the RSE website“RYDA is a series of practical and powerful workshops for high school students that challenge students to change the way they think about road safety and lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives.

"We were challenged to be more aware of road use and safety as both drivers and passengers … we were provided with tips and strategies to improve our road safety … some presentations were quite confrontational as it exposed us to the trauma and after effects of poor choices. The relevance of these deeply resonated with us, motivating more consideration of actions and road use. Overall it was an incredible day that was incredibly informational and so important to have attended." Isabella Wightman, Year 11. 

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