Wellbeing & Support Teams

The Wellbeing team is led by the Assistant Principal (Wellbeing) and comprises the Assistant Principal - Learning, the Student Coordinators, the Learning Support Coordinator, the Careers Coordinator, the two Pastoral Workers and two Clinical Psychologists. While student wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff, the direction of Pastoral Care is overseen by the Pastoral Care team. The team meets to discuss overall pastoral programs, specific student programs and student needs. A number of Support Personnel are also employed to support the needs of students.  

Wellbeing Team   

Assistant Principal (Wellbeing)  
Kathryn Johnstone   

Student Coordinators   

Year 7 – Mrs Melissa Lidbury 
Year 8 – Mrs Rebecca Cornwall 
Year 9 – Mr Nick Wall 
Year 10 – Mr Paul Venables  
Student Coordinator (Academic Care) – Mrs Deborah Scott  
Year 11 Dominic – Mr Daniel Greaves
Year 11 Siena - Ms Laura Pettit
Year 12 Dominic – Mrs Rosemary Golledge 
Year 12 Siena – Mrs Sonya Ceccato
Senior Coordinator - Wellbeing, St Peter's Campus – Mrs Raeleen Austin
Senior Coordinator - Wellbeing, St Mary's Campus - Mr Peter Vanderpoel 

Learning Support Coordinators   

Mr Ben Whiting (7-10) 
Mrs Margaret Warwick (11-12)  

Clinical Psychologists  

Mr Ben Crebert (7-10) 
Mrs Therese De Jong (7-10) 
Mrs Rhonda Mitchell (11-12)  

Pastoral Workers  

Sr Bridgette Daveron (7-10) 
Mrs Catherine O’Brien (7-10) 
Mrs Amanda Fogarty (11-12) 

Careers Coordinators  

Mrs Kim Wickham (7-10) 
Ms Lynn McKendry (11-12) 

Support Personnel  

Student Coordinators 

Student Coordinators work to support the needs of all students. Eight of the coordinators are each responsible for the day-to-day running of a year group. The other student coordinators oversee the wellbeing and academic care programs that run within the College. 

Learning Support Team 

All Saints' College has two full-time Learning Support Coordinators, a number of part-time Learning Support Teachers and Teacher's aides. The Learning Support team at St Peter's Campus work from the Emmaus Centre to support both the pastoral and academic needs of the students. 

Clinical Psychologists 

All Saints' College has the services of four part-time Clinical Psychologists who work at the school. As members of the Wellbeing Team, the Clinical Psychologists see students recommended by the team.  Psychologist support is completely confidential, with the exception of mandatory reporting requirements, and the cost of the service is met by the Catholic Schools Office.  

Students may make an appointment to see the School Counsellor, a qualified educational psychologist, by approaching their Tutor Group Teacher, Student Coordinator or Assistant Principal (Wellbeing). The Counsellor is able to deal with a wide range of problems from academic difficulties to personal and family issues.  

Pastoral Workers 

All Saints' College is blessed with the services of three Pastoral Workers. They work with students and families to support their needs and play an active role in the school community. 

Careers Education Coordinators 

All Saints' College has the services of two Careers Coordinators who work part-time at the school. The Careers Coordinators work with children on their pathways from school to the workforce. This may include subject selection to ensure that students have the right program of study to meet their employability needs, coordinating training programs to allow students to participate in work placements, work experience and school based traineeships. 


A range of staff within the school take on the role of mentors for students. Staff involved in the mentoring program work individually with students to help foster their development and growth. 

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