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"Inspired by Christ"

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Crest & Motto

Visual Identity of ASC 

The new visual identity of All Saints' College, Maitland, embraces the history, traditions and culture of both St Mary’s and St Peter’s Campus under the influence of the Dominican and Marist traditions.  


Inspired by Christ 


The symbolic colours of the new identity are black, blue and gold, reflecting tradition, connection and joy. The Dominican cross is seen as a representation of the black cloak worn over white habits, denoting strength and solemnity. Blue is associated with peace, intelligence, knowledge and truth. Used by the Marist brothers in their crest as a demonstration of their dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary while icongraphically, St Peter is depicted wearing a blue robe and yellow mantle. Yellow is the brightest colour in the visible spectrum and the most noticeable colour to the human eye – it is associated with optimism happiness and joy. In the Catholic church, yellow symbolises gold and the golden key to the kingdom of heaven, which Christ gave to St Peter; gold was also one of the original colours of St Mary’s Dominican Convent School.  


The star is a symbol of St Dominic, as legend says, while the Marist crest contains twelve stars in a halo. The palm or olive branch is a universal symbol of peace and has been used since the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  

Visual Identity  

The new concept takes cues from the existing school crests and combines them in the traditional shield shape of St Mary’s Dominican Convent School and St Peter’s Campus. An eight-pointed star sits at the centre of the shield as a combined emblem for All Saints as a reference to Mary, Marists and the Dominican traditions. The Dominican cross sits in the mid-ground at the centre of the icon, showing the history of the Dominican order within the College. The background of the shield is shaded blue as a reference to the Marist tradition. The branches, representing peace and another symbol of All Saints, forms the base of the crest. The typeface is a modern, condensed serif with rounded forms and soft curves. It presents a traditional, yet friendly name for the College. 

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