Why Families Choose All Saints' College

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Why Families Choose All Saints' College


Steeped in the Dominican and Marist Brothers tradition, and with the motto of 'Inspired by Christ', All Saints' College is a community that promotes integrity, justice and excellence within the Catholic tradition. 

The values of faith, knowledge and service are supported and developed in the learning and service to the wider and school community. 

With a Catholic identity as its foundation, All Saints' College seeks to promote Gospel values through all aspects of school life. In doing this we share the vision of all schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese that, ‘At the heart of everything there is always Jesus Christ’. 

As a Catholic school, All Saints' College encourages students to be Christ-like in how they relate to one another and the environment. It is an explicit aim of the school to maintain an identity inspired by the work and spirit of the Marist Brothers and Dominican Sisters.  

At All Saints' College, we pledge to offer our students quality, holistic education in a nurturing and learning Catholic environment. Living faith community of students, parents, staff and clerics that explicitly witnesses Catholic beliefs, values and traditions.   

There is a strong focus on student’s spiritual development through faith formation experiences and retreats.   

The College promotes the development of:  

  • Positive relationships  
  • Mutual respect  
  • An understanding of individual and communal rights and  
  • Responsibilities and practices which promote inclusiveness and acceptance of individual difference. 

All Saints' College curriculum is designed to ensure students meet the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements, whilst providing them with the flexibility to follow their own program of study to meet future goals. The school is comprised of students and teachers with diverse experience, knowledge and expertise who are actively engaged in learning together. 

Staff deliver high-quality education supported by excellent facilities and 21st century technologies, as students’ varied interests and abilities are catered for across a broad curriculum and supportive learning environment.  

A distinctive feature of All Saints' College is the flexible curriculum delivery model. Senior students benefit greatly from this structure of four timetabled days per week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is designated as a flexible learning day where students have the opportunity for a sustained period of work on assessment tasks, major works or Vocation Education and Training placements, without interruption to regular classes. Extension subjects are timetabled on Wednesday as well as excursions, tutorials, sporting and co-curricular activities. Having a 12-unit timetable allows the maximum time to be spent on each course. This is invaluable in maintaining continuity and progress. 

All Saints' College promotes a culture of academic excellence and has in recent years, achieved significantly at regional, state and national level.  

In Year 11 and 12, senior students benefit from specialised HSC study programs and the smooth transition from school to university or employment. All Saints' College provides an extensive range of courses that caters for the diverse learning needs of all students. This enables students to choose from a range of pathways leading to tertiary institutions, training colleges, workforce options, apprenticeships and traineeships. Graduates from All Saints are directly sought after by employers and readily gain acceptance into university. As educators, we see our role as equipping and preparing students for post school options.

Students at All Saints' College are provided with an extensive range of opportunities to extend their learning and broaden their experiences.  

Students are both encouraged and inspired to pursue their interests and passions, demonstrate their strengths and contribute to their community. This active involvement, whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field, in creative arts or through other endeavours, provides opportunities for students to become more connected with their school. 

A strong feature of the All Saints' College community is the contribution of students to the creative and performing arts arena. The annual Shakespeare in the Cloisters evening, art exhibitions, TU ES Musica, Music on the Grass, St Peter’s Got Talent, HSC Music day at Newcastle Conservatorium, NAIDOC WEEK community mural and the biennial Music production – Xanadu Jnr 2016, are some of the many annual showcases and excursions offered at the College. Students creative, unique and individual talents are also highlighted in the annual Diocesan ASPIRE and DioSounds production, where all students have the opportunity to discover, strengthen and express their creative abilities through music, drama and dance.   

All Saints' College also has a proud tradition on the sporting field. Our student representatives have achieved success at both a regional and state level across many sports including Rugby League, Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Touch Football, Rugby Union and Hockey. 

The wellbeing of all students is paramount at All Saints' College. We value each individual child and understand our role is to provide a learning environment in which the full range of needs of our students can be addressed in our academic, pastoral and co-curricular programs. 

All Saints' College nurtures, respects and values human dignity, challenges students to improve the society in which we live and encourages students to value the opportunities that are made available to them.  

Through a range of pastoral care programs, counselling services and overall pastoral care within the College, students are well-equipped to meet the challenges of our society with confidence. 

At All Saints' College, our committed staff strive to nurture the development of students and assist them to reach their full potential by:  

  • Helping students to set personal goals for the future with the intent to support and guide them towards their chosen career path 
  • Demonstrating the importance of respecting one another, to develop and shape young adults of strong and benevolent character  
  • Imparting the skills to build positive relationships and maintain a high quality rapport amongst teachers and students  
  • Build the foundation to allow each student to believe and achieve in their personal growth   

During senior years, our teachers are specialised in Stage 6 subjects and develop improved pedagogic practices suited to the students they teach. These structural dynamics enable larger faculties to be formed, which then provides teachers with the opportunity to better share resources and their expertise and thereby enhance each other’s professional development.

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