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Academic Care

Academic Care is the process of enhancing student learning and well-being through attention to developmental, situational and organisational mechanisms in and beyond the classroom. Academic Care aims to assist adolescence to develop positive self-esteem and feelings of well-being and self-efficacy through the school’s academic and organisational structures, and through adults’ relationships with students. Academic Care develops learning outcomes through protective processes, dialogue with students, shaping beliefs about learning, teaching and learning processes and authentic assessment. 

The Academic Care program incorporates Learn2Learn which is a program designed to explicitly teach students organisation skills, communication skills, research skills and study skills. Students in Year 7 and 8 have fortnightly timetabled lessons, while Year 9 students participate in a half-day incursion aimed at ensuring that students of All Saints' College are fully equipped with the skills they need to be effective learners. 

The Academic Care Coordinators also identify students who need additional support and arranges individual mentoring to assist these students. 

Organisation Skills 

What does an organised study space look like? What do I need to be organised at home and at school? How organised am I  completing an organisational audit? How can I meet deadlines? 

Study Skills 

What is study/homework/revision? Why is study important? Managing homework and setting up a basic study timetable. Making study notes. Tips on how to prepare for tests and exams.

Communication Skills 

What does poor communication look like? The key elements of good communication. General manners, greetings and the use of appropriate language. How to edit written work. Writing in a variety of text types.

Research Skills 

What are the steps involved in completing an assignment? How do I use the information process model? Bibliographies  what are they and how do I write one? How do I search using the Internet? 

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