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Attendance Information

Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. Education in NSW is compulsory for all children between the ages of six years and below the minimum school leaving age. The Education Act 1990 requires that parents ensure their children of compulsory school age are enrolled at, and regularly attend school, or are registered with NESA, Teaching and Educational Standards for homeschooling. 

The NSW Government provides some helpful information to help inform parents of what is expected of them. Some of the key areas are outlined below. 

The importance of arriving on time  

Arriving at school and class on time: 

  • Ensures that students do not miss out on important learning activities scheduled early in the day 
  • Helps students learn the importance of punctuality and routine 
  • Gives students time to greet their friends before class 
  • Reduces classroom disruption.  

Student learning is more successful when students are present consistently for the whole school day. Students who arrive “just a few minutes late” may miss out on vital information on the day ahead. including opportunities they could get involved in at All Saints' College to enrich their learning and school experience.   

What if my child has to be away from school?  

On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school. Justified reasons for student absences may include: 

  • Being sick or having an infectious disease 
  • Having an unavoidable medical appointment 
  • Being required to attend a recognised religious holiday 
  • Exceptional or urgent family circumstance (e.g. attending a funeral).  

Following an absence from school, you must ensure that within seven days you provide All Saints' College with a verbal or written explanation for the absence. However, if the school has not received an explanation from you within two days, the school may contact you to discuss the absence.  


If a student is to be collected by a person other than the parent/guardian it must be explicitly stated in a note. Unscheduled collection of students during the last lesson is disruptive to teaching and learning. Unless it is an emergency situation, parents will be asked to wait until the end of the lesson for student/s to be called. Photo identification may be requested at the time. 

Late arrivals 

Partial Absence 

If students arrive late to school, they are to report to Student Services to have their name added to the roll. They will use their student card to record their arrival time and this will be recorded on Sentral. Students who are late to school should have a note of explanation from their parents. 

Early Departures & Leave Passes 

As a general rule, students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the day except for exceptional circumstances and with written parental permission. Urgent appointments that must be made during school hours need a signed note requesting leave. The note goes to student coordinators during tutor group, with a reason for requesting the leave clearly noted, and a leave pass will be issued. Students must go to Student Services and sign the student variations book when leaving. 


Students are expected to come directly to school after alighting at the nearest bus stop. Passes to catch early buses on a regular basis will not be granted. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds prior to school. 

Most students travel to school by bus. It is expected that all students will follow public transport rules. Failure to adhere to these rules could mean the suspension of bus travel privileges. 

Students travelling on buses are to wait in bus areas in the school grounds and to follow the instructions of the teachers on supervision. Some students may need to leave the school grounds to catch buses. Parents should check this with the bus company when this is necessary.   

Students who are required to catch a bus from outside the school grounds are to remain in the school yard until 10 minutes prior to the time of their bus departure. Students are not permitted to wait outside bus stops for any longer than necessary. 


Attendance and punctuality are one of the four cornerstones of St Mary's Campus. To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the four-day week, it is essential that students make a commitment to attend school on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and be punctual to classes and to tutor group in the mornings. The school is open on a Wednesday and students attending are required to sign in and out at reception using their Student ID card, as there is no morning roll call.  

Student Absences 

If students know in advance they are to be absent from school for a day, parents are asked to send a note prior to the day explaining the reason for the absence. If a student is to be away for a longer period of time (a week or more), a parent note requesting leave and addressed to the principal is expected. The note is to clearly state the student’s name, tutor group, date and time for leave and reason for the leave.  

All notes are to be handed into Student Services before school. A leave pass will be issued at this time to be shown to the teacher, and students are then required to sign out at Student Services before leaving the school grounds and on their return in the case of a partial leave. 

If a student needs to be absent due to sickness or an unexpected reason, parents are asked to contact the school on the morning of the absence. Whenever possible, parents and guardians will be notified of unexplained absences via a text message. Parents are asked to submit a note on the first day back after any absence.  If a satisfactory written explanation for absence is not received within seven school days, the absence will be permanently recorded as ‘absent’. 

When a student has had an excessive number of absences, the school may request documentation to support continued enrolment, as non-attendance will have significant impact on a student being able to meet course completion criteria. More than five unexplained absences in a term is considered excessive.  

Late Arrivals   

The first bell rings at 8.35am to ensure Tutor Group can begin at 8.40am. Students must have an acceptable reason for arriving late (‘slept in’, ‘traffic’, ‘mum drove me’ and ‘missed buses' are recorded as unsatisfactory reasons). Students who are late to school should have a note of explanation from their parents/guardians. 

Early Departures 

For early departures, students must take their note to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the lesson in which they need to leave early from and then once dismissed from class they take the note to student services and then are issued with a leave pass to show the front office to leave school grounds.

Leave Passes 


Leave Passes are not presented as a matter of course at this school. They will be granted only under exceptional circumstances. Driving lessons and driving tests are to be made on Wednesday or outside school hours. 


Families are encouraged to travel during school holidays. If travel during school term is necessary, please discuss with the principal first. An Application for Extended Leave may need to be completed. Absences relating to travel will be marked as leave on the roll and therefore contribute to your child’s total absences for the year. In some circumstances, students may be eligible to enrol in distance education for travel periods over 50 school days.  

For further information on compulsory school attendance, visit the NSW Department of Education website. 

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