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Career education at All Saints’ College aims to provide a program dedicated to assisting each student in making informed decisions about their career pathways, inclusive of school and post school education, training and employment options. The focus is on helping and supporting students to plan their transition from high school to their ideal post school option.   

The College is fortunate to staff two Careers Advisors, one on each campus, who provide a service that facilitates career decision making. They both provide timely advice, specialised knowledge and seek to assist students in gaining a realistic understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, interests and values, in relation to their career journey. Both Careers Advisors hold specific qualifications in Career Education and Development and are members of professional associations and networks to ensure the delivery of their programs are current and relevant to external employment forces shaping the local area.  

The careers program at All Saints' College is primarily focused on using a consultative process with students and parents through counselling and interviews. This provides individualised support for students transitioning from school into further education and training or the workforce. While there are many opportunities for students to individually explore in today’s world and many options open to them through their education system, the focus is on meeting the individual needs of each student, and therefore the process of counselling and interview is highly valued by the campus careers advisors.  

Both campuses of All Saints' College provide a dedicated Careers Resource Centre, which are well resourced and specifically managed to satisfy the needs of each campus.  

The Careers Advisor at St Peter’s Campus is Mrs Kim Wickham 
Available: Monday-Friday from 8.20am – 3.15pm, or by appointment 
Contact: or (02) 4933 6933  
The Careers Resource Centre is located in BG2.  

The Careers Advisor at St Mary’s Campus is Ms Lyn McKendry  
Available: Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 – 2pm or (02) 4933 6177 
The Careers Resource Centre is located in the main building upstairs next to the Student Coordinators’ Office. 

Both Careers Advisors encourage students to book an individual career interview time via email or personally, or call in at recess and lunch for advice. Parents and carers are also welcome to book an interview time to discuss their child’s career path options.  

On both campuses, the Careers Advisors manage the delivery of the following career education programs: 

Conducting individual career interviews in relation to: 

  • Providing information on HSC subject choices and how these affect student eligibility to enter university courses or a specific career pathway 
  • Researching employment and tertiary course pathways 
  • Applying to TAFE and other private providers 
  • Investigating occupations that reflect their interests and talents 
  • Researching university courses and their relevant ATAR’s  
  • Assisting students applying for employment opportunities, both full-time and part-time 
  • Providing students with information about recruitment companies and available apprenticeships and traineeships 
  • Preparing resumes, letters of applications, collating a portfolio, preparing for a job interview and learning how to apply for a tax file number and USI 
  • Utilising diagnostic tools to assist students to make informed decisions about career pathways 
  • Assisting students applying for scholarship programs. 

Maintaining a comprehensive information board for all students and parents to access current employment opportunities, relevant events and available literature: 

  • At St Mary’s, Ms McKendry does this through her newsletter “Career Matters” that is emailed to families fortnightly and located on the Central Portal.  
  • At St Peter’s, Mrs Wickham has a “Careers OneNote” that is updated daily with information. Students are invited to access this OneNote via an email sent to them at the commencement of every school year and parents may also request access to the site through Mrs Wickham.  
  • Coordinating student engagement in work experience 

Organising the completion of Work Place Qualifications such as: 

  • In Year 9 & 10 students can complete White Card and First Aid Training 
  • In Year 11 & 12 students can complete RSA and RCG qualifications 
  • Managing EVET Courses, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Accessing university and private provider information sessions and open days
  • Organising presentations by guest speakers
  • Attending the Hunter Valley Careers Expo that hosts exhibitors from over 150 different education and employment providers all in the one location, disseminating information about future career paths.
  • Informing and engaging students with websites and apps related to career development and progression. All students within the College have access to a paid subscription to the “Jobjump” website. 

In addition to these services, each campus of All Saints' College offers further career education opportunities that are specific to their respective student cohort. These include: 

St Mary’s Campus

  • Assistance with researching information on available tertiary courses 
  • UMAT and STAT application support 
  • Promotion of early entry and other alternative entry programs to university institutions 
  • Support with applying to university and navigating the University Admissions Centre (UAC) website 
  • Assistance with understanding the ATAR 
  • Support with tertiary accommodation applications 
  • Assistance with tertiary scholarship applications 
  • Information about overseas study options and volunteer programs  
  • Information on gap year programs 
  • Information about recruitment companies, apprenticeships and traineeships 

St Peter’s Campus

Engagement in specialised programs that educate student choices including: 

  • Projectable 
  • “YES” Tafe programs 
  • Girls and boys focus group sessions 
  • WEA Hunter programs 
  • Career Gate with Hunter Valley Training Company 
  • Maths Awareness Days 
  • Money Talks Program 
  • Insight Days 
  • A “Work Ready” program to all students to prepare them for expectations in the workplace.   

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