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Student Leadership

All Saints' College aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. While not all students will be formally recognised in leadership roles, we aim to instil in them a strong sense of social justice through servant leadership and service for others.  

St Peter’s Campus 

Peer Support Team 

The Student Leadership Team consists of approximately 50 students from Year 10. These students make a decision after the Leadership Course (undertaken by all Year 9 students in Term 3) to take a more active role in school leadership and are selected through a formal process involving written application and panel interview.  Students selected into the Peer Support Team undertake further two-day overnight leadership training to equip them with skills in working with the students and staff. The Student Leadership Team play an instrumental role in the Peer Support Program that orientates the Year 7 group into All Saints' College. 

School Leaders 

Students from within the Peer Support Team are able to apply for the position of school leader. The leaders are elected by the Campus community after a process involving a formal interview with the executive and a leadership speech to the school community. Leaders perform a number of ceremonial roles on special occasions.  They liaise often with the Student Coordinators, Assistant Principals, Head of Campus and College Principal and play an instrumental role in the Student Representative Council. 

Student Representative Council (SRC) 

The SRC is elected using a preferential voting system from students within a cohort. In Year 10, the SRC representatives are elected using the votes from their cohort at the School Leaders ballot. The SRC representative for Year 8 and 9 are also elected at the end of the preceding year. The Year 7 SRC election occurs approximately half way through Term 1. It consists of two elected members from each year, plus the four Year 10 School Leaders. This panel of twelve met three to four times each term, at different venues, discussing, planning and introducing new ideas. They meet regularly to consider student needs and examine how the student body can contribute to St Peter’s and the wider community. The SRC are responsible for the organisation of school socials and fundraising throughout the year. Examples of such events have included Trivia Evenings, Cake stalls, Beanie Days for Brain Cancer and Bandana Day. 

House Leaders 

Students in the Peer Support Team who are not School Leaders or SRC representatives may elect to be House Leaders. The responsibility of the House Leaders is to lead the house in sports carnivals and organise members of the Peer Support Team as needed in their house to assist with school duties.   

Tutor Group Leaders 

These students are elected by their own class in an election run by the Tutor Group Teacher each semester.  These students collect the Tutor Group Rolls, help to coordinate special class activities, collect material from outside Student Services during Tutor Group and liaise with the Tutor Group Teacher. Tutor Group Leaders are elected each Semester and are presented to the Form at a Form Assembly. 

St Mary’s Campus  

Servant Leadership 

Student leadership at St Mary’s is a privilege and honour extended to students who have upheld the values and expectations expressed in the school’s covenant. Student leaders are called to be servants to the St Mary’s community and to give generously of their time and talents to make a positive contribution to the school. Student leaders at St Mary’s must strive to lead in a manner which is in keeping with the school’s Catholic and Dominican heritage. Student leaders of our school are challenged to be of service to others and ensure that integrity is at the heart of all they do. Our student leaders embrace the highest standards of loyalty, service and integrity and act in a manner that is consistent with the tradition and ethos of our community. Students are called to serve.  

Process of Discernment 

The process by which specific roles are given come from the Discernment” model where the stakeholders are asked to consider deeply, the choices they make in relation to the leadership roles within the Campus community. Students who apply for leadership take part in formation days. On these formation days, students participate in a variety of group and reflective activities; listen to presentations on leadership and the expectations of the school; reflect on the importance of student leadership at St Mary's Campus; discern which students might best fill the roles of student leaders of St Mary's Campus. 

Student Leadership Structure 

The Student Leadership Team at St Mary's Campus comprises of four student leaders, four house leaders and eight team leaders.  

Student Leaders

  • Represent the school at formal occasions when appropriate 
  • Chair committees as required 
  • Lead school assemblies 
  • Have a pivotal role in major school activities 
  • Act as a liaison between the student body and the leadership group of the school. 

House Leaders

  • Represent the students from their House in teams as required 
  • Assist in the implementation of decisions and programs from those teams  
  • Support their House Student Coordinator at House assemblies e.g. prayer, MC 
  • Assist and support Tutor Group e.g. fundraising activities such as CARITAS  
  • Represent the school at official school/community functions if required 
  • Enhance communication between students and staff at a House level 
  • Working with Student Coordinators in the promotion and development of the House identity 
  • Work closely with Student Coordinators on the organisation of House feast days. 

Team Leaders (Celebration & Spirituality Team; Environmental Sustainability Team; Social Justice Team; Community Team): 

  • Chairing and/or attending Team Meetings 
  • Liaising with College Principal, Head of Campus, Assistant Principals, Student Coordinators and other staff on community events 
  • Supporting the school community in various tasks such as canteen or school assemblies 
  • Attendance at Student Leadership meetings with Executive members

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