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St Peter's Campus

St Peter's Library is a welcoming, flexible learning environment, free from the regular academic, sporting or family expectations some students face. It is a place to meet, study, relax, make and play. Along with traditional resources, students can watch TV, construct jigsawsplay chess, colour in or simply sit in a bean chair and contemplate. 

Through our Year 7 Library reading program and programmed reading time during English lessons in Year 8 to 10, St Peter’s encourages a love of reading and literature for all students.  

Students have a wide variety of age appropriate text formats including novels, non-fiction books, eBooks, graphic novels, picture books and magazines to select from. Knowledge of literacy development, current releases and popular culture ensures the right books are chosen and selected to entice reluctant readers and to satisfy our compulsive bookworms when new titles by favourite authors are released.  

Our fortnightly Book Club also gives students a chance to discuss and recommend their recent reads with their peers.  

Overwhelmingly, a positive correlation has been found between the presence of a qualified teacher librarian and student achievement. Teacher librarians can provide access to curated information that specifically meets the needs of teachers and students. 

Teacher Librarians can help students learn the best ways to drill down their search to find what they are looking for. The library catalogue (Oliver) also provides access to resources specifically chosen to meet the school’s needs. EBooks, audio books, books, links to website, CDs, DVDs and other physical resources are chosen to meet the needs of our students. 

Opening Hours 

Students are strongly encouraged to use the Library for research and private study purposes. The Library hours are as follows: 

Monday - Thursday: 8.25am – 3.20pm 
Friday: 8.25am - 1.00pm 

These openings include recess and lunch. 

Loan Periods 

A student may normally have on loan two (2) resources at any one time. Non-fiction and fiction resources are generally on loan for 21 days only. If a student wishes to renew a book, the resource must first be returned to the library. 

Overdue Books and Fines 

To ensure that resources are shared equitably, an Overdue Resource Policy has been established. Any student who fails to return a library resource by the due date will be automatically banned from borrowing until the resource is returned. If a library resource is returned late a student will be fined as follows: 

  • Overdue books must be returned before borrowing can recommence 
  • Should a library book or resource be returned either damaged or if it is lost, an account will be sent home to cover the cost of replacement. 

Internet Access 

Wireless internet access is available in all classrooms and in the library for students who wish to carry out curriculum based research. Computers are also available in the library during recess and lunch for student use. At all times, whether in class or not, students are expected to follow All Saints' College, St Peter's Acceptable Use Policy. 


Colour and black/white printing is available in the library. A scanner and photocopying facilities are also available.

St Mary's Campus

St Mary’s Campus library focuses on the educational development of every student as a lifelong learner, within the Catholic ethos of this senior campus. A wide range of materials and resources are provided in our library through a process of consultation and cooperation. 

With this in mind the library subscribes to and offers students and teachers access to a number of databases on the internet which will support and enhance their research skills. Students are encouraged to access these databases, rather than a Google search, because of their professional and academically sound information.  

The library also hosts books that support the Stage 6 curriculum. As well as general books we also offer a specialised HSC collection where every subject is catered. If it’s published, we probably have it! 

For recreational reading we offer a Fiction collection where the titles are displayed in genre for easy searching and a wide range of magazines, periodicals and newspapers are also available. 

Another way we support the curriculum is with our audio-visual system, Clickview, where any free-to-air program that is useful or requested by students and staff is stored and available via an internet connection. This allows the opportunity for flipped learning pedagogy to be enhanced. 

Opening hours 

Students are strongly encouraged to use the library for research and private study purposes. The library hours are as follows: 

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 8am - 6pm 
Friday: 8am – 4pm 
Wednesday: 8.30am – 12.30pm 

These openings include recess and lunch. 


Students are given credit at the beginning of each year for printing and photocopying which they can supplement should they run out. Colour printing costs 20c per page and black/white 10c. Scanning facilities are also available.

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